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Field Trips


Clock Tower Images schedules half-day and day-long field trips, primarily to photograph wildlife such as bears (September & October) and birds (April thru June).  Our bear trips typically head to the west coast of Vancouver Island to photograph blacks bears as they fish for salmon.  Bird trips go to several locations and are best in the late spring.


 We provide transportation and snacks on all scheduled field trips (maximum four participants).  As these trips often start very early in the morning and end after dark, participants should plan on bringing lunch and understand that we may stop for dinner.

Participants should bring warm clothing and wet weather gear, including protection for their cameras and lens.

Waivers must be signed prior to departure.

Please click here to see our currently SCHEDULED photo field trips.

Custom Photo Field Trips!

Clock Tower Images offers personalized photography field trips. Field trips are great for really putting your camera to work. We scout the locations, provide the guides and offer personalized photography instruction along the way. We also bring professional cameras, lenses and accessories for you to try out! Field trips are like photography workshops with some great photographs along the way.

Our primary subjects are:

  • birds (mostly in the spring)
  • bears (only in the fall)
  • macro: bugs, flowers and other small things (spring thru fall)
  • nature walks (spring thru fall)
  • landscapes, oceanscapes, rural and urban landscapes (all year)
  • horses: running, jumping, dressage… (all year)

Every field trip is different but they are all reliably fun and educational. While we can’t control the weather and the wildlife, we will be sure to provide great photographic opportunities, expert advice on all things photography, and countless tales about the places we’ve been and the things we’ve photographed (note: when we talk of “shooting” things we refer specifically and exclusively to shooting with cameras!).

To view our schedule and to book a CUSTOM Field Trip, please click here.

Here’s how a Custom Field Trip works:

  1. You pick the subject: birds, bears, sports, landscapes, horses, portraiture…
  2. You select the session duration: 2 hours to a full day
  3. You select the number of participants (maximum is 4)
  4. We agree on a date and time
  5. We plan the field trip: CTI scouts and books locations, events, and/or models (as needed)
  6. We conduct the field trip, CTI provides transportation, instruction, access to professional gear, water and snacks

We aim to ensure that you capture the best possible photographs of your chosen subject while also learning more about your camera and how best to use it.  Contact us today to organize your personalized photo tour!

Additional Fees

Field trips often require a certain amount of driving. Please see below for travel fees. Longer field trips may require meal breaks. You will need to provide your own meals, but snacks and bottled water are provided. The following fees may be added to the base cost:

  • Model’s fee (where applicable)
  • Location use fees and entrance fees (where applicable)
  • Meals and drinks (beyond supplied water and snacks)
  • Ferry fees and other special costs
  • Travel fees will be added to 2-Hr trips extending beyond a 20km radius from our studio
  • Travel fees will be added to 3-Hr trips extending beyond a 40km radius from our studio
  • Travel fees will be added to 4-Hr trips extending beyond a 60km radius from our studio
  • Travel fees will be added to 6-Hr trips extending beyond a 100km radius from our studio
  • Travel fees will be added to Full Day trips extending beyond a 250km radius from our studio

The Fine Print

  • Basic fees are due upon agreement of the date/time and subject of the field trip.
  • Additional fees must be agreed upon and paid at least 48 hours in advance of the field trip.
  • Field trips will not be cancelled because of poor weather, horrific weather is a different story. Cancellations must be agreed upon 72 hours in advance.
  • Postponements due to horrific weather (or other events beyond our control) will be dealt with if and when they occur, but may result in full refunds if necessary.
  • What is horrific weather?  When we all agree there’s no way we’re venturing outdoors and risking our cameras, then the weather must be horrific.

PS: a little light rain and dark skies does not qualify as “horrific.”

PPS: we’re reasonable!

To view our schedule and to book a CUSTOM Field Trip, please click here.